Vacuum blackhead remover

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Keep your skin perfect!
Do you want that beautiful, perfectly smooth skin that you’ve always dreamed of? You may want to get rid of that nasty acne that makes you so uncertain, or those ugly blackheads. Maybe it’s those coarse pores on your nose, pigment stains or a blemished skin that you find so unattractive. Or maybe you want a younger look, fade wrinkles or reduce sun damage. Whatever you want the our Vacuum Blackhead Remover offers for you an outcome regardless of your skin type, gender or age.

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Everyone wants a beautiful skin. No wonder too, because your skin is one of the first things that stands out in people. Unconsciously, people estimate your age, people decide whether or not you are hygienic or take good care of yourself, and determine if they find you attractive. All by simply looking at your skin. At Sylk we believe that everyone deserves the perfect skin and that is why we have developed this revolutionary vacuum Blackhead Remover. That Blackhead Remover offers everyone a fast, effective and affordable microdermabrasion treatment for any time of the day. This treatment removes dead skin cells, cleansed pores, stimulates blood flow and the production of new skin cells, and blurring wrinkles and pigmentation spots.

How does it work

Microdermabrasion is an intensive peeling with a device to remove dead skin cells. The skin is vacuumated without damaging the skin. The skin gets a precise and controlled peeling until the desired level is reached. All the more treatments you undergo, the more beautiful the result will be. Microdermabrasion in a cure gives the best and most beautiful result.
Microdermabrasion works in the epidermis, this is our upper skin layer. Because the dead skin cells are removed, the skin is now better able to incorporate substances that make them more effective in the skin. The skin also gets better blood flow and stimulates the production of new cells. Also, the pores become less coarse and can fade pigment spots and fine wrinkles. After the microdermabrasion treatment, the skin will feel much smoother and look more smooth and more beautiful.

What can it handle?

Microdermabrasion is suitable for almost everyone and what we can treat are:

• Fine Wrinkles
• Acne
• blackheads
• Impurity Skins
• Skin Ageing
• Superficial pigment stains
• Acne scars (specks)
• Solar Damage
• Smoking Skin
• Coarse pores
• Coarse skin structure
• Lifeless Skin

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